5 Species Beneficial Bacteria
Slow Release Organic Fertilizer 3-1-1
30,000 Endomycorrhizal Fungi
140 Million Ectomycorrhizal Fungi   

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vegan Tree & Vegetable Garden Food Package  


azomite 5lb bag

Mace's Mix cards

Foliar feed  

5-4-2 Veg. Food

VEGAN  100% Organic

Foliar Food 

100% Natural 
“Multivitamin Tree”
Essential Nutrition 
Earths Miracle Tree 

Oleifera Moringa  

AZOMITE  Rock Dust Minerals

5lb bag Micronized

A to Z of Minerals

including trace elements


Organic Moringa Seeds 25ct 

Only $19.95 per month 

21 varieties  of seeds


mace's mix card 

12 varieties  of seeds


mace's mix card 


Jake Mace Perfect Soil Blend Recipe For Planting Trees and Raised bed gardening on a very durable water proof card  


Feed Your Trees 

& your Garden

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Kids Fun Planting Seed Box

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​Mace's Planting special 

Dream Garden Starter Kit

Feed Your Trees 

8oz Bottle 


What Should i put in my soil?


Insurance for your Plants 

Your Monthly Seed Subscription Box 

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